Take drone inspection to the next level

Fast and accurate drone inspections for civil and mining industries

Drone inspections are used increasingly across a wide range of industries to provide visual checks and asset mapping. 

Controlled remotely, drone inspections avoid time-consuming and potentially unsafe manual examinations. Further, they can provide high-quality data for future reference. 

AeroVoxel is a breakthrough in drone inspection. The data-enhanced digital twin solution produces a photorealistic 3D model while flying, and employs powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to detect faults and locate them on the model. 

This allows you to pinpoint concrete cracks or other objects on your infrastructure automatically, and in real time. 

This Australian-devised, patent-pending technology automates remote inspections, providing safety and productivity benefits to your mine, civil works or asset management.

Why AeroVoxel drone inspection? 

  • Safety: AeroVoxel scanning eliminates the risk for people to work at height or in confined spaces.
  • Confidence: The 3D scans and AI detections are comprehensive, repeatable and remove human subjectivity. 
  • Productivity: Real-time inspections reduce the need for labour-intensive manual checks. 

A breakthrough in drone inspection for your industry 

Drone inspection allows preventative maintenance and geotechnical teams to inspect their assets easily and safely. 

While most drone inspection technologies allow for the scanning of an asset, only AeroVoxel enables you to detect cracks or faults right away. 

Other drone inspection methods can be subject to error, slow, and dangerous. Using photos of the infrastructure can mean location data is lost or misinterpreted. Likewise, current 3D scanning techniques can be time-consuming and requires complicated data post-processing.  

Your solution for drone inspections

  • Creates digital twin, 3D model, 3D scan 

  • Then uses camera and AI to identify cracks 

  • Location of cracks added to/located 3D model 

  • Within AI: measure or view cracks,  

  • Can update AI inspections for accuracy 

Identify asset defects instantly 

AeroVoxel simplifies asset inspection through its combined laser 3D scanning with high-resolution imagery and artificial intelligence. This allows for real-time mapping and assessment of your infrastructure in real time. 

Its laser scanner produces high-resolution imagery and maps an area or object in real time, even in constrained or GPS-denied environments. 

The high-resolution camera creates high-resolution images that are mapped to the scan instantly. 

AeroVoxel’s AI algorithms identify cracks based on training of thousands of images. 

This automatically produces detailed 3D model of the infrastructure that maps the defects to their location. The faults can then be measured and assessed. 

3D SLAM mapping using world leading CSIRO algorithm
Laser scanner produces 300,000 measurements per second
Survey-grade 3D map and AI crack detection accuracy of 98.7%
Camera monitoring
Scan an entire bridge in minutes with no shadows in the data and even in GPS-denied environments

Drone inspection applications

Drone building inspection 

Drone inspection enables safer assessments of your building, removing the need for work at height. Create an 3D, editable map of your asset, and identify defects within minutes.  

Drone pipeline inspection  

Conduct remote-controlled drone inspections for your pipeline and avoid time-consuming manual checks. Downloadable 3D mapping allows you to assess changes over time.  

Aerovoxel inspections

Drone bridge inspection 

Bridge inspections using drone-enabled AeroVoxel provides asset managers with a 3D model, complete with highlighted features of interest. Identify cracks or objects in real time. 

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AeroVoxel is an Australian-made, patent-pending innovation from customer-led research and development house Geobotica.  

Brisbane-based Geobotica works with industry partners to develop world-leading sensors, software and AI solutions for industry. 

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