R&D Consulting

Geobotica offers research and development (R&D) consulting with a difference. We work in collaboration with companies to create technologies that fit your exact needs. We partner with customers on innovation projects. 

Since 2021, Geobotica has delivered <three patent-pending innovations>. These solutions have been created in partnership with end-user companies who have laid out their sensing and monitoring challenges and worked with us to create a solution. 

Custom R&D for heavy industries


Contact us about your problem. We’ll tell you what is possible. This is a free consultation


We put together a proposal detailing how we will solve the problem and a project scope. We ask you for a minority financial commitment upfront.  

Then we hold bi-monthly Sprint Review meetings as the project commences. This allows you to steer the technology to solve your problem. 



Geobotica deliver you a proof-of-concept trial or demo at the end of the project.


Your total investment can be refundable over time if you buy or lease the product on an ongoing basis. Geobotica retains any IP in the product.

Mining tech solutions

Geobotica mining tech solutions including open-cut and underground sensors. These provide assurance and minimise risk to your workforce.

High-tech engineering solutions 

Geobotica has delivered solutions to automate asset inspections for civil infrastructure, such as concrete bridges and roads. This reduces human-safety risk and increases accuracy.