Automatic deformation monitoring for road and rail

Automated deformation monitoring

When roads or railways pass through landslide-prone areas the consequence of collapse is very real for people and communities in the area. There is the potential for catastrophic loss of life or inaccessibility for local areas. 

Deformation monitoring can provide an early-warning system for landslides, subsidence or other structural defects in your road or rail infrastructure. 

Current deformation monitoring methods are often slow, difficult and imprecise manual surveying or automated total station monitoring. This data is also often corrupted by passing cars and pedestrians and is only separate points or prisms rather than data that covers the entire surface. 

An automatic deformation monitoring solution for road and rail provides continual assessment of the ground levels. This provides real-time updates and safety assurance for your road or rail project. 

Deformation Monitoring for Roads

GeoLidar provides reassurance in deformation monitoring for roads. Cars, weather impacts and other road traffic are removed from the data through AI, allowing a precision focus on ground monitoring. 

Its robust but compact design allows it to be set up and deployed quickly, meaning you can establish effective road deformation monitoring rapidly after an event. Data transmits to a secure cloud and can be accessed instantly through any enabled device. 

In addition to road deformation monitoring, the solution can be used to monitor up-slope to identify ground or rock movements. 

Deformation Monitoring for Rails

Deformation monitoring plays an essential role in assessing the structural safety of rail infrastructure.  

GeoLidar monitors real-time changes in the track alignment using the high-speed lidar, creating a dense point cloud photomap of the railway. It repeats monitoring automatically, showing either movement of embankments upslope or downslope of the track, but also of the flat cutting in the slope as well. 

This continual monitoring can provide rail owners and operators with the technical data to assess risk to the asset or local communities. 

In addition to road deformation monitoring, the solution can be used to monitor up-slope to identify ground or rock movements. 

GeoLidar automatic deformation monitoring 

GeoLidar provides an automated solution for landslide and subsidence monitoring. 

Combining lidar and artificial intelligence it can reveal ground movements to millimetre-scale precision. GeoLidar offers a breakthrough solution in real-time deformation monitoring. 

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