Automated infrastructure inspections  

AeroVoxel is an automated asset-inspection solution that combines survey-grade 3D mapping with artificial intelligence to detect and locate damage and defects in your infrastructure. 

The patent-pending solution uses laser scanning to maps as it moves, either mounted to a drone or hand-held, producing a photorealistic 3D model of your asset, while pinpointing defects in 3D. 

This offers a range of industries a flexible solution to create data-enhanced digital twins and inspect for defects accurately and safely. 

AeroVoxel simplifies asset inspection with real-time mapping and assessments, even in GPS-denied environments. 

Engineering inspections reimagined


AeroVoxal scanning eliminates the risk for people to work at height or in confined spaces.


The 3D scans and AI detections are comprehensive, repeatable and remove human subjectivity. 


AI-derived defects are detected with more than 98% accuracy, higher than human inspections. 


Real-time inspections reduce the need for labour-intensive manual checks.

3D laser mapping with AI


AeroVoxel spatial mapping creates a digital twin of your asset in real time. It does this by using a 3D laser scanner that collects 300,000 measurements per second. Our next generation system uses the multi-award winning hardware and software WildCat developed CSIRO – arguably the world’s most accurate SLAM system. 

A trained AI algorithm is applied to the spatial map to identify specific objects of interest. These objects are then mapped in place and time and can be saved for future reference. Defects can be measured and assessed. AeroVoxel produces high-resolution inspection models even in constrained or GPS-denied environments. 
Camera monitoring
4k cameras come standard on AeroVoxel to create photo-realistic models, and detect even the smallest cracks or damage in your concrete asset or ground conditions in your underground mine. 
Obstacle avoidance
The system uses advance robotics systems  to automatically detect obstacles, and steer a drone away from them. This automated drone flight works even in GPS-denied environments. 
Light weight

AeroVoxel’s light weight allows drones to fly for up to 45 minutes, meaning you can collect more data per flight and reduce your time in the field. 

Powerful processing

AeroVoxel contains a super-computer on a chip, capable of processing up to 21 trillion operations per second. This embedded super-computing is what allows the scanner to create 3D maps an AI in real-time as you fly. No more waiting for scans to process and no need to upload to the cloud – it all happens onboard in real-time. 

Analysis software for civil & geotechnical engineers

Aerovoxel’s intuitive software makes report writing and analysis simple. 
  • You can view any 3D scan 
  • View every AI detection and inspect the corresponding photograph 
  • Measure the size of cracks and defects and see how they interact with the structure in 3D 
  • View multiple 3D models of the same asset from different inspections to see the changes in photos and 3D shape 
The high-resolution camera creates high-resolution images that are mapped to the scan instantly. 

This automatically produces detailed 3D model of the infrastructure that maps the defects to their location. The faults can then be measured and assessed. 

solving mission-critical problems

Geobotica is continually building new AI algorithms to adapt to your conditions. Currently our algorithms have been trained to detect concrete cracks and repaired cracks, built on our database of over 110,000 images. 

AeroVoxel was devised to meet the need for mining companies to inspect underground mines for cracking and damage. 

During the product’s innovation, other industries noted the use of AeroVoxel’s core technology to inspect concrete bridges, buildings, dams and other civil assets. 

Testing of AeroVoxel has been conducted in temperatures from -10°C to 35°C, ensuring it is tough enough to withstand your working conditions. 

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AEROVOXEL in action

Watch AeroVoxel create a 3D Map in realtime. 

An AeroVoxel prototype was co-developed by Geobotica with the global resources company, Vale. The system’s maiden flight was in Brazil, where it scanned a 550m long bridge that is over 30m high to detect millimetre-wide cracks on the surface of the pillars. 

Click the image view a sample of AeroVoxel 3D data.


  • 3D SLAM mapping 
  • Laser scanner produces 300,000 measurements per second 
  • Survey-grade 3D map and AI crack detection accuracy of 98.7% 
  • Scan an entire bridge in minutes with no shadows in the data and even in GPS-denied environments 
AeroVoxel simplifies asset inspection through its combined laser 3D scanning with high-resolution imagery and artificial intelligence. This allows for real-time mapping and assessment of your infrastructure in real time. 

Cutting-edge data analysis 

AeroVoxal software is tailored to meet your industry or specific need. Algorithms are trained on thousands of images for precision identification. 

Data can be uploaded to a protected and secure cloud, and viewed on any PC, phone or tablet with a login and password. 

Alternatively, the data and scans can be downloaded and viewed in Virtual Reality using an Oculus Go or another VR headset, or manually exported and viewed in CAD or BIM software. 

The 3D maps can be stored as records for ongoing asset management. 

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AeroVoxel is an Australian-made, patent-pending innovation from customer-led research and development house Geobotica.  

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