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We deliver sensor, software and AI solutions for the mining and civil engineering industries. We develop patented, advanced technologies to solve geospatial and mining challenges. Our solutions mitigate risk and improve productivity. 

Solving complex problems 

At Geobotica, our focus is to deliver the best solution for our clients. Our people have the depth of experience in cutting-edge sensing and software development to deliver safety and productivity benefits to our customers. 

We work at the intersection of sensing and software, using radar, lidar, computer vision, photogrammetry, AI and machine learning algorithms. 


We are committed to creating innovative solutions underpinned by our values. 

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Our team are experts in sensing and mining tech who are committed to solving complex problems for our customers. We employ a varied team in Brisbane Australia, and also internationally. Our senior staff members are: 
Lachie Campbell

Lachie Campbell


Lachie Campbell is a leader in mining technology research and development, and the commercialisation of innovations. He has more than two decades experience in product development, with a strong focus on radar, lidar, computer vision and software for the mining industry. Prior to founding Geobotica, he was Vice President Technology at GroundProbe and a member of the Orica group. During his 11 years with GroundProbe he invented and co-invented 10 of the company’s 14 patent families.  

Dr Reza Ahmadi

Dr Reza Ahmadi

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Ahmadreza Ahmadi is a leading researcher in Machine Learning. His main role in Geobotica is to develop and employ machine learning algorithms for various industrial applications.  Before joining Geobotica, Reza was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at CSIRO where he researched AI and Machine Learning, advancing both our understanding of complex deep learning models and their implementation in robotics. He has a PhD from KAIST – the prestigious Korean University, in deep learning and robotics and also worked as a Post-Doc in Japan for Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), where he developed novel machine learning models applied for time-series data. 

Dr Yanyang Gu

Dr Yanyang Gu

Senior Software Engineer

Yanyang Gu completed her PhD at Griffith University where she researched and developed novel AI methods for skin-cancer imaging and detection using both cameras and hyper-spectral imaging. She progressed to a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at University of Queensland, further continuing skin-cancer imaging research and developing AI for drone-based scanning of agricultural crops. With a Masters in Virtual Reality and Bachelors in Automation, Yanyang brings a wealth of experience to her work at Geobotica.

Dr Xiaofei Wang

Dr Xiaofei Wang

Robotics Engineer

Xiaofei Wang earned his PhD at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) by researching human-robot interaction based on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). While his research covered robotics control systems and navigation, his novel research was designing and implementing new methods to control a robot directly by human thought via non-invasive BCI. At Geobotica, he brings his robotic navigation experience to engineer our next generation of innovative robotic technology.