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Our Sensor Solutions

Geobotica manufactures high quality sensors, software and algorithms for the mining and civil engineering industries. We provide solutions for road and rail deformation monitoring, underground mine collapse forecasting, conveyor belt maintenance measurements and 3D infrastructure inspections. Browse our selection of products below.

Our Products

A Geolidar model


Early-warning system for ground deformation and subsidence monitoring.

What sets GeoLidar apart from other monitoring systems is the ability to remove non-ground-movement changes from the scene, such as people, trees, vegetation, vehicles or machinery. This enables GeoLidar to monitor slopes, road surfaces and rail corridors in real time even as traffic or construction work continues.

GeoPoint Software

GeoLidar’s clear and intuitive data visualiser.

GeoPoint software visualises our ground movement data as an intuitive 3D map of the area. Every scan automatically takes 1.5 million measurements of the scene and uploads this data to GeoPoint. Alternatively, you can export it to any point cloud software.

Geobotica's GeoPoint software on a smartphone screen.
Geobotica's NanoRadar


Early warning for fall of ground in underground mines.

NanoRadar monitors sub-millimetre movement of rock in underground mines, providing early warning of potential collapses. With its advanced interferometric processing, long battery life and robust, waterproof design, the NanoRadar is a reliable and convenient tool for monitoring underground environments.


Robot for measuring hard skirt liners on conveyor belts to reduce premature wear or belt failure.

Beltbot is a rover that travels down the conveyer belt, scanning each skirt liner to measure and assess conveyor-belt-to-skirt-liner air gaps with sub-millimetre precision. It provides a full diagnostic of which liners need to be adjusted, rotated, replaced or left alone. Correct skirt-liner maintenance has the potential to save millions of dollars a year in increased running time, reduced belt-wear, and increased liner lifespan as well as potentially reducing premature belt failure and lost production time. It also reduces human exposure to a potentially hazardous environment.

Geobotica's BeltBot scanning the skirt liners of a conveyor belt.
Geobotica's Aerovoxel from two angles: side and front.


An automated solution for infrastructure inspections.

AeroVoxel combines survey-grade 3D mapping with artificial intelligence to detect and locate damage and defects in your infrastructure. It offers a flexible solution to create data-enhanced digital twins and inspect for defects safely and accurately.

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We are a start-up from Brisbane, Australia employing top talent. Our people have the depth of experience in cutting-edge sensing and software development to deliver safety and productivity benefits to our customers. We work at the intersection of sensing and software, using radar, lidar, computer vision, photogrammetry, AI and machine learning algorithms.

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Acknowledgement of Country

Geobotica acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians. We recognise their cultures, histories and diversity and their deep connection to the lands, waters and seas of Queensland and the Torres Strait. 

We acknowledge the Turrbal people and the Jagera people as the Traditional Custodians of Meanjin (Brisbane): the lands on which our office is located and where we meet, work and learn. We pay our respects to Turrbal and Jagera Elders past, present and emerging.

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