Cutting-edge sensors, software and AI for the mining and civil engineering industries.

We design and develop state-of-the-art sensors, software and algorithms to solve mission-critical problems to increase our customers’ profitability and safety, while improving the communities we serve.

Geobotica is a technology company with deep roots in mining technology and remote sensing. Geobotica’s Director, Lachie Campbell, has 20 years of technology development and commercialisation experience, with a heavy focus on radar, lidar, computer vision and software for the mining industry. Prior to founding Geobotica, he was Vice President Techology at GroundProbe, a member of the Orica group. During his 11 years with the company he invented or co-invented 10 of the company’s 14 patent families. 


Lachie Campbell

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R&D partner

We design sensors, software and AI algorithms to solve your mission-critical problems.

sensors and software

Geobotica specialises in remote and attached sensing solutions for geospatial and mining problems. Specifically, our focus is on Radar, LiDAR, Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, AI and ML algorithms and intuitive software.

We bring a depth of experience in sensor and software development to each problem we solve. We look at common problems in the industry from multiple angles before converging on the right technology choice.

We have deep domain expertise in sensor and embedded system design, robotics, mechatronics, AI and Machine Learning. Our software is designed with the user in mind, and aspires to be intuitive yet powerful. 

Like many tech companies, we run a remote work model, with our project teams made up of the best global talent working from various countries around the world. Our in-house team includes industrial design, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, Guidance Systems, and software development plus customer-focused Product Management.

how Geobotica works with you

We work with you through our innovation program steps: problem scoping, design workshop, concept layout, proof of concept trial, prototyping, testing and at-scale field deployment. Speed of delivery is our biggest differentiator, going from concept to field use in months not years.
Our innovation program start with a free workshop to discuss and scope out the problem that needs solving. When you work with us you may find we bring a fresh perspective to the table, asking questions to help discover the best tech to solve what you need. We then progress through our proven system to bring a solution to the field in a very short period of time.

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